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Pack discipline starts here, because when it comes to increasing mileage on extended adventures, every cubic inch counts. Stackable Pods were designed as a key organizational, space-saving, and weatherproofing tool. Pods fit perfectly into our packs, leaving no inch unused. Ultralight Pods also allow you to organize your pack system more efficiently, and the clamshell design makes it easy to find items quickly. Hand-built using 100% waterproof Dyneema® Composite Fabric (formerly Cuben Fiber) and a water resistant zipper, they help weatherproof your pack system.

Please note- while the material itself is water-proof, the seams are not sealed to keep out water so water can seep in around the zipper if the pack is submersed for any length of time.

Hyperlite Pods- Dryer, More Organized Packing System (S and L)