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This is one of the only backpacks on the market designed for packrafting!  And it is the backpack of choice for most packrafters who choose to purchase a pack specifically for packrafting.  It has the capacity for week + trips and it is still light and made of 100% waterproof material.  The Porter 70 is designed for all this and more with added capacity for bulkier cold weather clothing or dry suits, additional days’ worth of food, or supplementary equipment needed when throwing packrafting, climbing, or bikepacking into the mix. Just like the standard Porter, the 70 uses our mayhem-tested 150-Denier Dyneema® Composite Fabric Hybrid (DCH150) for the main body of the pack but adds more protection to the base of the bag with a 375-Denier layer (DCHW).

Please note- while the material itself is water-proof, the seams are not sealed to keep out water so water can seep in through where the straps are attached if the pack is submersed for any length of time.